silverorange labs

The silverorange Weblog Platform

With so many great weblog publishing systems out there already, why would silverorange go and build their own? The silverorange weblog system serves as a testing ground for new ideas and technologies. For example, the weblogs were some of our first sites to become completely XHTML compliant.

As the silverorange team lives and breaths the web, several of us have been naturally drawn to reading and writing weblogs. Below is a sampling of the latest posts from the weblogs that are written, at least in part, by silverorange team members.

Is the silverorange weblog platform available for download or purchase? Sorry, but no, it is not. Read more about why it isn’t for sale.

Our Weblogs:

Others publishing with our platform (non-silveroranges):


  • XHTML Strict and CSS Level2 standards compliance
  • Archives by date and category keywords
  • Multiple authors w/ author bio pages
  • Customizable layout
  • Searchable
  • Reader Replies
    • Active Conversations
    • Lock or disable replies on a per-post basis
    • RSS syndication of reader replies
  • RSS syndication (posts and replies)
  • Recently Referred Visitors (based on Dean Allen's Refer)
  • "More Text" field for long posts
  • Pinging of
  • Obfuscation of email addresses (to prevent spam harvesting)
  • Web-based file upload system for image and asset management
  • Mailing list management
  • Web statistics
  • Recommended posts