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Photo Gallery System

The silverorange Photo Gallery was originally designed as a simple one-gallery site when one of our developers went on a prolonged visit to London, England. The concept quickly caught on and all the slices (and their friends) wanted a gallery. The system was modified to allow for multiple galleries and the Gallery System was born.

After almost two years of use, the Photo Gallery System is now being prepared for a major overhaul. Many of our clients also request gallery-type features for their sites, so the Gallery System has been a testing ground for new technologies and the new version will allow for greater flexibility in layout, site integration, and features.

Is the silverorange weblog platform available for download or purchase? Sorry, but no, it is not. Read more about why it isn’t for sale. However, the photo-cropping Flash-applet used in the system is available for download.

Our Galleries:

Other People using the Gallery System (non-silveroranges):


  • Automated photo resizing
  • Ease of use - most gallery users aren't developers or designers
  • Java photo cropping tool
  • Multiple categorization of photos
  • Layout customizability

Planned Features:

  • XHTML Strict and CSS Level2 standards compliance
  • Flash photocropper (due to problems with Java on MacOS)
  • Full customizability of layout
  • Searching of photos
  • Attributes system on top of category system
  • Recording and displaying exif data
  • Bulk photo uploading/processing
  • Allow for multiple file types (maybe movies)
  • Message reply system like a weblog
  • RSS syndication (posts and replies)
  • Recently referred visitors
  • Many more features still being discussed
Photo Cropper
Photo Cropper Java