silverorange labs

About the silverorange Labs

The silverorange labs are a place where we at silverorange share some of our ideas with others and where we look for feedback on issues from other developers.

It is here that we will set aside the marketing mask and open up as much as possible the technologies, people, and ideas that have made silverorange into what it is today. We'll be looking for feedback on technical issues, sharing solutions we've created, discussing business models, and sharing our thoughts on the web development industry. We encourage you to participate with lively and honest debate.

The labs also function as a place to showcase some of our own personal projects we've developed aside from projects we develop for our clients. As well, we realized that we've developed lots of little standalone applications, functions, and features which we could share with the other developers everywhere as open source. Part of this move was out of benevolence, but it's also partly out of our own self interest. If you implement one of these things, we'd like to receive your feedback, comments, and most importantly your improvements to them.

You can find out more about silverorange at