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Pascal -

Thanks for this, very usefull. Only thing you might mention is that the sourcecode contains a base url in the metadata and that caused the following error: Error: uncaught exception: Permission denied to call method
Once I removed this it worked like a charm.

I took quite some while for me to figure this out. No biggie, though.

Mike Gauthier -


Glad you found the script useful. Thanks for noticing the problem with base hrefs in the demo script. I've updated the PHP and JavaScript so it now works if you just unzip all the files in a folder on your webserver.

Jordan -

Thanks! This script was just what I'm looking for. Great work.

David J. -

Just a heads up that the demo doesn't appear to be functional:

I haven't given the code a test yet but I suspect if the demo isn't functional, neither will the code. Feel free to e-mail me if there is an update but I'll check back! :)

Mike Gauthier -

David J,

It's possible was having service problems when you tried the demo. The demo works as of my writing and I havn't changed any code.

Gary J. -

I can't get this script to work either. =( what lines in the script am I supposed to remove?

Aaron -

Not working for me either? The PHP gets the XML ok, but I think the AJAX call isn't processing the returned XML. I've had a browse though the JS but nothing is jumping out at me? The JS is loading ok, and the throbber spins so I know it's modifying the page element accordingly, if that's of any help.

Also- the demo at the top of the page is down, maybe it's being cached on your end??

Aaron -

Got it:'GET', uri, true);

Changed the last few lines of the script. Send should be Null, open should be after statechange (seems buggy before it).

Hope that helps! Thanks for the great script.