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pippos -

In the more detailed version of the news there is an error in the link of (is instead of

Great work on Firefox!


Daniel Burka -

Fixed, thanks.

steve -

You need to add an </a> tag at the end of the last sentence ... all the text after that link is underlined in Safari.

Daniel Burka -

Thanks Steve. Fixed.

Jim Amos -

I've been meaning to congratulate the team on a job well done. The whole branding of the new moz products is just gorgeous. Say, how did you first get involved with the Mozilla Visual Identity Team? And how could some other wannabe get involved?

Jim Amos -

Some reason I don't get a reply?

Jim Amos -

Fine, okay. After many weeks without reply I've answered my own question:

I guess SilverOrange is on hiatus or something.

Daniel Burka -

Jim: Your posts somehow slipped through the cracks unnoticed. Sorry about that. Thanks a lot for your kind words about the Mozilla work we've been involved with. Steven actually wrote a post on his weblog quite a while ago explaining how he got himself (and then others on our team) involved in working with Mozilla.

Tech-digit -

Well I heard they have problem in latest version of Firfox 3.5.1. I read story here:

Eric -

Great work by silverorange group. I really like this design of mozilla firefox. Certainly brings together the world wide web.

John -

The functionalities, plugin support and innumerable plugins with firefox are awesome and make life so simpler. Nothing comes close to even second. I have few of my own plugins for firefox, will post about the same later.

tritor2011 -

I have read all about your project. And I'm admired by your work.