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Bruno -


Very nice. At my department we also installed subversion recently because it really works much better than CVS.
My problem now is making it "usable" for designers, because they hate the shell. Seems that, just like with CVS, there isn´t a good GUI client for subversion... :-(

Any clue?

Best regards and happy season,

Steven Garrity -

Bruno: I haven't tried it myself, but you might want to take a look at TortoiseSVN. It's a subversion client that ties into the Windows Explorer interface.

Pedro Custódio -

If I may suggest something, at work we're working with SVN via Webdav, as you probably know this helps dealing with the basic tasks of editing and commiting files, but some time ago we discovered TRAC, which is a wiki, a bug track and a SVN repository manager, and we're testing it on a project to see how does it really helps our project work. Give it a look:

Doesn't replace the GUI but it's quite nice to work with, and it's an integrated development tool. So we find it quite nice!

best regards!

Bruno -

Thank you guys!
Steven: I´m run on Mac OS X! :-)
Pedro: Thanks for the suggestion! I know about TRAC for some months. Since we use other tools for project management I can´t really find a decent use for it... but maybe I gonna try it out.

Sylvain Filteau -

I tried TortoiseSVN for University home work and it works good! And if you know TortoiseCVS, the svn version is not very different, just better.

Jacques -

Our designers at work use the TortoiseSVN client quite nicely seeing that it integrates into their windows shell quite nicely.

Bernard -


a little potential contribution: i took the bash completion file for
subversion and modified it so that it uses the output of subversion
itself to provide the completions, similar in idea to optcomplete
( the idea is that the completions will
never go out-of-sync with whatever version of subversion you have
installed (well, unless the help format changes, which i estimate to
be unlikely).

Brian Mansell -

It doesn't look like the link for this script is working today. Could you please get back to me with a working link?


Mike Gauthier -


Right you are. We'll try to get it back up shortly.


There is a direct link to the original script now.